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We encourage all members to enter competitions to challenge themselves, but it's not mandatory to do so.

The external judge will comment on your image and offer constructive feedback. 

Competitions & awards

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Competition awards

Awards are made for each competition held during the year.

Annual awards

Trophies and awards are presented at the December end of year celebration.

Annual print image awards

John Harris Award

The aggregate print award trophy is named in recognition of John Harris, a founding life member, committee member and a highly skilled photographer who won VAP and RPC awards. 

Handicap Trophy

The Handicap print image award trophy

Annual digital image awards

Jack Lanagan Award

The aggregate digital award trophy is named in recognition of  Jack Lanagan, a long term club member who experienced  great changes in photography from monochrome prints to digital images and who won many Club awards. 

Handicap Trophy

The Handicap digital image award trophy

Other annual awards

Roy Porter Award

Roy Porter was a long time member who worked for Kodak and developed a chart for taking photos that was included in all Kodak film. The Award is for taking five different photos.

Screwball Award

Iniated by Life Member, Ray Bradford, this award is for a humorous image taken by a club member.  Members vote for the winning image.

Extreme Mobile Phone  Photo Award

Started in 2020, this award reflects the changes that are rapidly taking place in photography by using readily accessible mobile phones to create images. 

Viewer's Choice

Voted by members at a meeting in November this award reflects the image most favoured by other photographers.

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