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2023 calendar

3 February 7.30pm

AGM - Members only

Roy Porter/Screwball/Extreme Phone Photo

16 February 8pm

Guest speaker

Eddy Jim

Photography in Journalism

2 March 8pm

Guest speaker

Sam Mariani 

Wildlife Photography

Entries for Competition 1 due

16 March 8pm

Guest speakers

Jane Barnes & Jan Burt


6 April 8pm

Judges night

Competition 1

Entries for Competition 2 due

20 April 8pm

Guest speaker

Anne Morley

Lake Tyrell

4 May 8pm

Judges night

Competition 2

Entries Competition 3 due

18 May 8pm

Guest speaker

Terry Phillips

At the Western Front – WW1 Recovery

1 June 8pm

Judges night

Competition 3

Entries Competition 4 due

15 June 8pm

Guest speaker 

Wayne Kohlmann

Forensic Photography

6 July 8pm

Judges night

Competition 4

Entries Competition 5 due

20 July 8pm

Practical portrait night

26 July 7:45pm

Knox Monochrome Interclub

at Knox club room

Boronia West Primary School

3 August 8pm

Judges night

Competition 5

Entries Competition 6 due - Set Subject "Portrait"

17 August 8pm

Diamond Valley Interclub - Rosanna Hosting

7 September 8pm

Judges night

Competition 6

Entries Competition 7 due : Re-submission of up to 2 non merit / honour prints and EDPIs from Comps 1-6 allowed.

21 September 8pm

Practical Night Topic TBC

19 October 8pm

Interclub challenge

Loughton CC and Rosanna PC

5 October 8pm

Judges night

Competition 7

2 November 8pm


Personal Portfolio night 

Members only

16 November 8pm

Entries Roy Porter, Mobile photos & Screwball competitions due

1 December 7.30pm

Presentation of awards & end of year celebrations

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