Photography Course 2021

Would you like to know how to improve your skills as a photographer?

              Would you like to know more about your digital camera?

Rosanna Photographic Club is once again running an Introduction to Photography Course for those interested in improving their photographic skills and techniques and how to use your digital SLR camera, mirrorless or advanced compact camera to its full potential.  The course is designed to take your camera OFF AUTO and to turn your good photo taking into great photo taking.

The course is conducted by experienced members of the club and guests who are specialists, skilled in all areas of photography.  The course is designed to help not only new SLR owners but also those with some knowledge who wish to know more.

The course is made up of NINE sessions with eight classes on WEDNESDAY evenings (7:30 – 9:30pm) and one on a Sunday morning. Six of the sessions are held in the Clubrooms at St Pius X Church, 431 Waterdale Road Heidelberg Heights, with two field trips, one for Night Photography (to the city) and General Photography at La Trobe University. There will also be 2 assignments where your images will be constructively critiqued by our experienced members.

For more information about our course please email ().

Session 1
24 February 7.30 pm
Seeing Pictures & Composition, Basic Camera Skills, hand held/ tripod use.
Set Assignment 1

Session 2
3 March 7.30 pm
Important Controls on Camera including demos

Session 3
10 March 7.30 pm
Getting to know your camera – bells and whistles (2sec timer for night shoot)
Bring manual and camera

Session 4
17 March 7.30 pm
Practical Night
Depth of field
Food photography
Still life and close up
Long exposures
Bring manual and camera

Session 5
21 March 10.00 am
Field Trip 1
– La Trobe University
– No tripods
1 digital image for Assignment 2

Session 6
24 March 7.30 pm
Natural lighting, histograms, white balance and assess Assignment 1 – print size max 7” x 5”

Session 7
31 March 7.30 pm
Field Trip 2
– Night Photography at Southbank
– Tripods
1 digital image for Assignment 2

Session 8
7 April 7.30 pm
People, Children, how to take that photo
– use of flash
Travel Photography
– start to download 2 x field trip images

Session 9
14 April 7.30 pm
Q&A bring cameras and ask questions on areas of concern
Photo books
Assessment of Assignment 2. Course Evaluation.
Rosanna images and presentation of Certificates